Teeth are one of the most important parts of your body. They not only help in chewing the food but play many more important roles than that.

A person with good and healthy teeth is always more attractive than their counterparts.

Well! The importance of teeth is known to even a kid of two.

But the teething process is not that pleasing as the function of teeth. The toddlers have to face a lot of pain and irritations while the teething process.

You might have forgotten the struggle of teething till the time you grow a teen, and for this, the wisdom tooth comes as a reminder.

It is the last teeth that a person experience as a teenager. Where some of the people are lucky not to have the wisdom teeth, most of the teens have to face the pain it brings.

You might have heard about the wisdom teeth from your friends and relatives, but if you want to know more about what are wisdom tooth, you must keep reading.

what are wisdom tooth






What is wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is also known as third molars that occur in the teenage of a person.

The position of the teeth is behind the molars and is placed at the most posterior in the dental arch.

The wisdom tooth is basically of no great use in the mouth, and this is the reason most of the people choose to get it removed.

In the earlier days, when medical science was not that advanced, it was very common for one or two teeth to fall, the wisdom tooth used to fill the space of the fallen teeth and make the dental arch complete.

However today, the dental health has become better, and therefore there is no use of the wisdom tooth. Besides all these facts, there is no way you can stop wisdom teeth from growing.

They grow when a person is of 17- 18 years and continue growing in the 25 to 27 years. They are present in the set of fours, each on all four sides of the mouth.

Why is wisdom tooth called so?

The name of “wisdom tooth” is very attractive, and they appear as some of the most pleasant things by name.

In spite of the pain and all the discomfort that these teeth bring the name is given to them for a reason.

It is said that the third molars appear so late to a person when he is presumably wiser than before. This is the reason that they are known as wisdom teeth.

It is also seen in some of the studies that the people who do not have wisdom teeth in their teen ages have to face it in their old age where some of the lads do not have it at all.

It is also possible that some people may have only one or two teeth in place of all the four wisdom teeth.

What is the function of wisdom tooth?

As it was mentioned earlier, that wisdom tooth was helpful in the olden days when the dental health of people was not so sound.

They played the role of extra molars that helped our ancestors to grind the tough plant tissue.

Another comment on these third molars is that our ancestors probably had longer jaws that made space for them to grow.

What are Wisdom Tooth






The wisdom tooth might have helped our ancestors to chew in a faster and better way. It is also believed that these teeth compensated for our ancestor’s inability to digest the cellulose that makes the plant cells.

With the passage of time, the human body evolved and became advanced. The evolution made the jaws smaller, and the human body is not capable of digesting the cellulose.

This has reduced the space for the wisdom tooth to grow along with their importance.

Is there any clinical significance of wisdom tooth?

After reading the function of wisdom tooth, you might have understood that there is no such clinical significance of the wisdom tooth today.

All that they do is increase the pain and discomfort of a person and bring in the chances of cavities and infections of gums.

Therefore people prefer to get it removed out of their dental arch.

What is the impacted wisdom tooth?

The tooth which is dormant inside the gums or is not able to grow in a proper manner is known as the impacted tooth.

Though the impaction can be seen in various ways the most common cause of impaction is seen with the wisdom tooth.

The teeth which are impacted are known as the impacted wisdom tooth.

The direction, depth, and position of the teeth define the type of its impaction.

Every difference in the impaction means different things. Here are some of the most common types of impaction seen in the case of wisdom tooth:

Vertical impaction– in this type of impaction, the tooth is placed in a vertical manner.

This type of impaction, generally do not cause various problems and is grown painlessly if there is enough space for the teeth to grow.

What are Wisdom Tooth


Horizontal impaction- this is one of the most typical and problematic impactions ever seen, in this case, the tooth is placed horizontally towards the other molar.

It causes a great problem and pain to the person as it can damage the other teeth as well. The only way to get rid of this pain and infection is through surgery.

Bony impaction- this impaction is one the rarest types of impaction where the tooth comes out of the gum while it is still attached to the bone.

In this case, it becomes very difficult for the dentist to carry out the surgery and pull the teeth out.

Distal impaction– the distal impaction is the one where the teeth grow away from the mouth away from the second molars.

There are several other types of the impactions like the soft tissue impaction, mesial impaction, etc. which is defined by the direction and depth of the teeth.

More awkward the direction of the teeth, more painful it will be.

Why does the wisdom tooth pains?

What are Wisdom Tooth

The only reason for the pain that wisdom tooth brings with it is its position.

Till the time a person grows into an adult, the gums become harder, and it becomes tough for the wisdom tooth to cut its way out.

This causes pain and swelling in the gum making it unbearable. Another reason for the pain of the tooth is its impaction.

If the tooth is impacted in the wrong direction, it causes pain and discomfort.

However, there is a third situation where the impaction is in the right direction, and the gums are not hard, but the tooth still pains.

This happens due to the lack of space in the mouth. The wisdom tooth has less space to grow, and it causes pain in the result.

The wisdom tooth can cause pain in the gums, swelling in the gums, face and may invite infection as well.

Therefore it is very important to identify the presence of wisdom tooth on time.

Is there any treatment for wisdom tooth?

What are Wisdom Tooth


The only treatment that will be best for wisdom tooth is by plucking it out.

The tooth takes a long time to grow. By a long time it means that it can, it can take around 10 years to stop growing and if you do not want to take such a long trouble, then you must have it pulled out soon.

There are different types of surgeries in case of impacted wisdom tooth considering the severity of your case.

The surgery can take few hours, but you have to keep visiting the doctor to note down all the do’s and don’ts of the surgery.

There are cases where people face no problem with their impacted tooth, but still, they are recommended to pull them out.

This is because the inactive tooth may become active all of a sudden and can be a big cause of the trouble. So, if you are about to have the wisdom tooth visit your doctor as soon as possible.

The simple pain relief remedies to cure wisdom tooth pain

You must visit the dentist in every six months and get regular X- rays done.

Though it is very essential, but visiting the doctor daily to treat pain can be a bit tedious.

Therefore you must use the simple remedies that will help you lessen the pain without having to put many efforts.

You can use clove oil for your swollen area and to cure pain, peppermint gives a great relieve in bad breath and cure the infection if any.

The anti-inflammatory properties of vanilla and onions may also help you in curing the pain on a temporary basis.

If you are feeling that the home remedies are not helping you and your pain is becoming severe, then you must visit the dentist without a delay.

This was all the information, one must know about the wisdom teeth. Hope the content would now help you to answer your question on what are wisdom tooth, in curing the pain and taking correct action towards it.

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