What are the major issues related with wisdom teeth removal?

Whenever you feel some sort of problem in your teeth, it might be a case of sensitivity, decay issue, gums problems, etc. You can immediately contact your dentist, for instant treatment. Apart from all those things there is one more issue in your teeth, that’s your wisdom tooth which appears at your late age. This tooth is the third molar teeth of you which appear in the age 15 -25. These molars are also known as wisdom tooth. This tooth appears in your mature age that’s why it is named as wisdom teeth of yours. But the eruption of this tooth eradicate lots of problem for you as it can cause pain, the problem in chewing food and much more. Even sometimes, it can cause huge pain so that one can go for dental surgery.

You can be the luckiest person if you they don’t face any kind of pain at the time of wisdom tooth removal. Sometimes the pain is totally unbearable for the person and at that time one should prefer to go to any reputed dentist for the removal of that tooth.

The main reason behind the pain is still unknown to doctors. This is a rare condition where you did not go through pain. This minor surgery is a sophisticated task which can be done only via experienced dentist.

Things to do –

During this surgery, you have to take care of some small but important things. These things are as follows-

  • Do not hassle for your surgery
  • Take care of your eating habit during this surgery.
  • Take as much as liquid intake as your diet.
  • Must take medicines on time.

Cause of surgery:

In those cases, where the third molar teeth, does not get enough space to grow properly. This less space may cause swelling some time, some time infection, soreness in your gums along with severe pain. The infection may cause stiffness and swelling of gums. To get instant relief from this pain, one can take painkiller that provides you only the temporary solution to this. But if one should go for a treatment course for this wisdom tooth then only one should get the permanent relief for this pain only.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Guide

Problems that can arise at the time of wisdom tooth:

  • Initially, the wisdom shows its growth with the sensation of pain. If you feel start a sort of pain at the place of third molar teeth. It means this is the time of wisdom tooth removal.
  • At the time wisdom tooth eruption, you feel severe pain in your mouth. It may be because of swelling of your gums which results in bleeding sometimes.
  • Sometimes you’re bleeding gums, which may be because some sort of infection in your mouth, along with it may give you bad odor.

Usually, wisdom tooth does not affect you at the time of your growth. If you did not care your wisdom tooth, it might cause major issues shortly. To avoid such above problems do some basic things regularly, most importantly – brush your teeth twice a day.

The second one is bleeding gums. To avoid such bleeding gums take the prescribed medicines for it. And along with this if it can cause odor from your mouth. Wash your mouth with the prescribed mouthwash. Which definitely show the positive result for your problem. But during medication, take proper care of your eating habits.

Tooth removal surgery:

The wisdom tooth removal surgery can be done via experience dentist as it is the most sophisticated surgery of your mouth. Firstly, one should go through the local anesthesia. Your local anesthesia should be given to the patient before the surgery. Surgeon gives your local anesthesia and surgery a gap of 15- 20 minutes. So that local dose can start its work. After that, surgeon starts its work. Very first it can make a small cut in your gums to check that whether anesthesia starts working or not. After that, a small cut can be made in your gums, in that space where wisdom teeth are erupting in your mouth. After this, doctor lift out your tooth gently to avoid any other damage.

Then they perform some minor stitches on your wounded gums, and they also feel your gums with some antibiotic gel. After surgery, your jaw may feel bit stiffness because of the anesthesia. To make your jaw normal take rest for some time and advice the patient not to take any anything unless your jaw becomes normal. Take only the prescribed painkillers after the surgery.


Patient must feel some kind of complications after the wisdom tooth removal. Some of them are simply the minor ones, or other are major. The major complications are some time becomes the serious one.

Here we are going to tell you all these types of minor and major complications; those are as follows-

 # Minor complications: After the tooth removal surgery, the patient feels some sort of uneasiness, discomfort, and swelling in the mouth. Complications are –


  • Bleeding of gums: Bleeding of gums is considered to be normal after any mouth surgery. As in these surgeries, some cuts could make in the gums, and then they lift your tooth from the roots.
    Wisdom Tooth Removal Guide
  • Pain: Patients feel pain at the time of local anesthesia is given to him/her or a little bit when some cuts are made in their gums while removing your wisdom tooth. They can also feel pain while opening your jaw.
  • Damage: on the most complicated thing is that if you had any previous dental surgery. Then the chances of complications are increasing.

As they are inconvenient but these complications never lasts for more than two or three days. In this time, wisdom tooth removal becomes common practice in the people as this surgery normally completed without any major complications.

# Major complications: Only in rare condition, the patient faces major complications. After the tooth removal surgery, the patient feels prolong uneasiness, discomfort, and swelling in the mouth. But these complications are not the life threading one. Complications are –

  • Alveolar Osteitis: Approximately up to 5 to 10 % wisdom tooth removal surgery results into the dry socket which is also known as Alveolar Osteitis. This condition is considered to be the most complicated one. After tooth extraction, the patient feels throbbing pain. Dry socket only occurs when the blood clots do not properly form in your mouth. At the time of eating or chewing some tough foodstuff, it can cause pain. If pain arises, it can last for 3 to 5 days. If someone wants to prevent this one, the patient should avoid smoking, spitting, suction or like these activities in which we put some sort of pressure in our mouth. Fast breathing, sneezing, coughing, etc. are also associated with the risk of dry socket.
  • Side-effects of medicines: Follow your wisdom tooth surgery, if you suffer from nausea, vomiting, and much more, it shows that they are suffering from the side-effects of your medicines. In some case, they can show some allergic reactions on your body. Such symptom indicates that you really need to consult your doctor immediately.
  • Damage of nerves: During such kind of surgery, the major issue one can face is the damage to nerves. In the case of damage nerves, the patent will notice some degree of numbness in their gums, cheeks, lips or some time on their tongue. The chances of damage to nerves are less than the 15%, although during any different surgery kind of things happens. So that it is quite difficult to draw the accurate picture of the complications.

If the patient feels some degree of swelling or pain in their gums, jaw respectively. Then one should go for the wisdom tooth removal option only. Many doctors will recommend you to simply avoid some kind of bacterial or fungal infections. These infections can also lead gums damage, cyst formation, or nerve damage. This surgery can easily do if the patient is young. So that their body can easily recover all the damages and they are capable of bearing the severe pain too. Healthy teeth and gums add beauty and perfection to your looks.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Guide

There is the low degree of risk, but before going to wisdom tooth removal surgery, it is necessary to know all the minor or major complications as well as all the side effects of such kind of oral surgery. It is a good habit of taking dental insurance in the current era of inflation. As the inflation, all the dental surgeries become heavy in your pocket. In those cases, dental insurance is the best option to do. But it is hard to find oral insurance easily. But if someone has complete health insurance then they can easily sort out their financial issue during wisdom tooth removal surgery. To avoid your expense on oral health, insurance is the best option.

In this article, we tried our best to showcase all the possible complications that happen during the wisdom tooth removal surgery. Along with this, we had also shared the tips on how to take care of your mouth.

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