What are the impacted wisdom teeth?

Impacted Wisdom teeth are known as the third and the last molars that are present at the last upper and the lower jaws. They are also known as the final teeth to come to these wisdom teeth usually appear in the late teens or early twenties.

While the teeth emerge they crooked up leading the pain and various tooth diseases as well. As these teeth removed at the age of 20, they are less developed and also have less complication.

The dentist recommends that people between the ages of 16 to 19 can evaluate to see that they need to be removed.

The teeth usually erupt at the age of 17 to 24 these teeth occur when one or more molars have the room that can easily enter the arch.

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

As these teeth are hidden under the surface of the gums, they are safe and will cause less harm.

But this is not the case these molars can easily cause cavity, gum diseases and can also damage the adjacent teeth. And this is the only reason people prefer to take off their wisdom teeth before they cause such problems. T

here are many dentists who prefer to extract the impacted wisdom teeth, these teeth should be evaluated for extraction or ongoing care.

Are impact wisdom teeth so common?

Before human used to cook their food, they used to depend on plants nuts and seeds. So during those days, the wisdom teeth were very useful so that they can easily grind down the hard food particles.

The evolutionists had believed that the human has larger jaws as they can chew more and if there are ample rooms for this molar to erupt and find their place in the dental arch.

After sometime when the diet of the people changed people started having less room in the jaws, and they started shrinking and thus have no smaller rooms for the third molars to erupt.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Are all the wisdom teeth impacted?

There are many people who get only one or two wisdom teeth, and there are other people as well who do not grow at all.

There are people who are not having any problem while the wisdom teeth crowd impacting the other teeth and this is the reason people can keep these teeth for lifelong.

As the impacted wisdom teeth do not require having any extraction they still need to be extracted as they still are vulnerable to tooth decay.

You should have a regular check by the dentist so that you should be free from all diseases and decay free.

Wisdom teeth are the last four teeth of your 32 teeth that can erupt. These are the teeth as discuss earlier appear at the age of 17 to 25.

When any of the wisdom teeth do not have enough time to erupt, they are known as impacted. These teeth can become, twisted, and tilted as they erupt or are trying to emerge.

According to the various articles, there are various degrees of wisdom teeth and depends on the place where the teeth lie in your jaw.

Soft impacted wisdom teeth occur when the crown of the teeth penetrates through the bones, but in this case, the gums still cover the part of the tooth. In this case, the part of the tooth partially erupts, and the other parts of the teeth are still submerged in the jawbones and are known as partial bony impaction.

The complete bony impaction occurs mainly when the teeth are enchased by jawbones.

It is not necessary that the wisdom teeth always show a symptom that is you will not even release that they are present. The symptoms arise because there is a tooth at the top and therefore they are being infected or swollen.

The symptoms of the teeth mainly include pain, swallow gums, jaw aches, and while you eat food you will also have an unpleasant taste. There are many people who feel swollen lymph and also nodes in their neck.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If there are chances and if you are experiencing any type of these symptoms such as pain, decay then you should visit your dentist.

If these teeth are left and are not provided with the proper treatment, they can lead to infection and even overcrowding of the teeth.

The wisdom teeth can also cause impacted and can also cause cysts and tumors. The simple way that can help you in getting impacted wisdom teeth is through x-ray and regular checkups.

And if you are having some problem your dentist will ask you to remove the teeth with the small surgery.

What is known as impacted wisdom teeth?

As the wisdom teeth typically emerge as they emerge between the late 20s. But there are people that do not have born wisdom teeth.

Their majority of wisdom teeth can be four or two and can be at the lower as well as the upper jaw. They can also grow at an awkward angle, and the 60 to 70 percent of the teeth are mainly impacted.

The dentist can be easily able to track your wisdom teeth and its growth. And if they are causing any problem they can also be removed.

Know all the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth

There are times when erupting of these teeth does not cause any problem, but the dentist can know they are impacted in from regular checkups and dental x-rays.

But there are some main problems that are caused when these impacted wisdom teeth erupt such as:

  • Swelling can be caused by the gums and all around the jaw.
  • Pain can be felt around the jaws and the gums; you can even have pain in your neck as well.
  • Bleeding gums are one of the great things that can be felt and is the main cause of periodontal diseases
  • You can feel the bad breath.
  • Difficulty while opening your mouth
  • Feel unpleasant taste in your mouth as well.Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Different ways through which wisdom teeth may be impacted

If you are having the impacted wisdom teeth problem, you must have heard your dentist using such terms like:

  • Mesial impaction- that is the tooth is angled too far towards the front of the mouth. This is one of the most common types of impaction that is being seen in the people.
  • Vertical impaction– these are the teeth that are straight, and therefore they are straight and therefore there is not enough room for the teeth in the mouth that can easily accommodate them.
  • Horizontal impaction– the teeth that are horizontal and are lying on the side are termed as horizontal impaction.
  • Distal impaction– these are the teeth that are erupted through the gum.
  • Soft tissue impaction– this is the case when the tooth erupts from the gums.
  • Bony impaction– when the tooth is within the gums then they are said to be bony impaction.

Problems that are being caused by impacted wisdom teeth

You will often release that the issue of your wisdom teeth has been created but until that time it will be too late. Some of the problems may include:

  1. Damage to the teeth- the crooked wisdom teeth can cause crash into the roots of the neighboring teeth, and this will cause structural problems.
  2. Pain- swelling, pain, and stiffness in the jaws are said to be the symptoms of the impacted wisdom teeth.
  3. Gum infection– as the teeth started to break through the gum line, then, in this case, they can easily seep through the opening, and this is the main causes that create gum infection.
  4. The extensive decay of tooth– these are the teeth that crowd teeth all around them. And this traps the food particle causing hard to clean. This can easily result in decay and will become very difficult to floss from the brush.
  5. Cyst– the impacted wisdom teeth cause the cyst that causes damage to the bones that are supporting the teeth and causing tooth and root decay of the other neighboring teeth.

Know where these impacted wisdom teeth are

If you do not have the regular dental visit or x-ray, then you must be unaware of the eruption of the wisdom teeth.

This can be when they are no symptoms being shown. Therefore having a regular check with the dentist can help you in having a close eye and will help you in knowing if they have to be removed as they can cause decay.

So if having these teeth makes sure that you remove them timely as they can cause tooth decay.

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the best options as they are becoming the last passage for many people during the time of their adolescents.

But there are many people who are opposing the removal of wisdom teeth earlier and do not want to go for the unnecessary surgery and cause risk.

80 to 90 percent of the people having the impact wisdom teeth cause a problem and therefore getting relief from all pain it is better to get these teeth removed.

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